One adult poem, two for children. If you can't tell which is which, that's fine.


Bridal clematis perfume drenches the breeze.

Skinhead blackbirds mewl and crane above the nest.

Lilac bush shudders and spits out a squirrel.

Clematis, lilac, blackbirds, squirrel be—

without me.

Another Poem About Clouds

Some clouds resemble mashed-up spuds.
Some are cauliflowers.
Some are more like soapy suds
that come complete with showers.

Some float wispy as a ghost
who needs a house to haunt.
But clouds I like the very most
bring fireworks to flaunt.

Here’s My Pet Peeve

I have an older brother—-
kind of bossy but okay.
And I look like my brother—-
grownups think so anyway.

Teachers, uncles, strangers, friends,
no one ever seems to see—-
I don’t look like my brother.
No, my brother looks like me.
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