Mystery Novel
The second Maxey Burnell mystery involves runaway vans and historical preservation.
Maxey visits her aunt in Nebraska and learns the truth about her mother's death. Third in the series.
Halloween in Boulder, Colorado. Fourth in the Maxey Burnell series.
The fifth and newest Maxey Burnell novel. "Because I could not stop for death, he kindly stopped for me."
Retired high school English teacher Tirzzy Quizenberry sets out to prove the mayor is, indeed, a horror.
Two psychic women solve murders in two different centuries.
Romantic Suspense Novel
Being a ghost means now it's okay to run with scissors.
Searching for treasure and love in the Rocky Mountains.

His Horror the Mayor

I spread my white handkerchief on the curb, set my white vinyl purse on top of it, hefted the brick doorstop I'd brought from home, and sidearmed it through the jewelry store window. For several moments, the only sound was glass raining on the pavement. Then there was no sound at all except the night wind skating along the badly lit sidewalk.

It was such a quiet, lovely moment after the cacophony of destruction, I almost forgot the next step. Part of the pleasure of the moment was my exaltation that here I was, seventy years old, and I'd still found something new to experience.