Mystery Novel
The second Maxey Burnell mystery involves runaway vans and historical preservation.
Maxey visits her aunt in Nebraska and learns the truth about her mother's death. Third in the series.
Halloween in Boulder, Colorado. Fourth in the Maxey Burnell series.
The fifth and newest Maxey Burnell novel. "Because I could not stop for death, he kindly stopped for me."
Retired high school English teacher Tirzzy Quizenberry sets out to prove the mayor is, indeed, a horror.
Two psychic women solve murders in two different centuries.
Romantic Suspense Novel
Being a ghost means now it's okay to run with scissors.
Searching for treasure and love in the Rocky Mountains.

Unsafe Keeping

The traffic light turned yellow when Maxey was twenty yards from the intersection. Her right foot shilly-shallied between brake and accelerator while her mind did a quick calculation of the pros and cons of running it.
Almost midnight. No traffic. No pedestrians. Minor cross street. Her toe pointed at the accelerator.
On the other hand . . . . Coming toward her from half a mile ahead was a vehicle the color and contour of a Boulder police car. Maxey's foot wavered left.
Ex-hubby Reece would never fail to run a stale yellow . . . . Maxey stepped firmly on the brake.
As the Toyota coasted to a stop, two things happened. Her tape deck clicked over to a second side of Genesis, and a stealthy black shape catapulted left to right across her path.