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About Carol

Reading Becomes Me

 I've always been a writer, even before I could read. (My mother took dictation.) 


I married a wonderful guy, we had two sons, and eventually we owned an office supply store, so writing time was scarce.  I did write at every opportunity, though.  Relatives received ten-page letters.  The boys hated to miss school, embarrassed by the length and creativity of the excuse notes Mom would send. 


My first published work was a poem in an Oregon newspaper.  Shortly after that, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine bought two short stories.  Whee--such fun to see my name in print!    Eventually, although I really enjoyed writing and selling short stories and poetry, I couldn't resist trying my hand at novels, and you can see the results of that on the "Novels" page.


I'm always intrigued by the serendipity of fiction writing.  I may come across an interesting filler in the daily paper, and it triggers a plot twist that wouldn't have occurred to me. (Spoiler Alert) During the writing of Unsafe Keeping, I found myself in a cast from toes to knee. (Broken plantar fascia)  That inspired the murder weapon in mid-book; I have no idea what turns the story would have taken without that experience. (My orthopedic surgeon tested cast materials for me, to see if they would burn.) 


I love my job.  I can do it in my pajamas. More importantly, there's magic involved in converting thoughts and feelings into just the right words to make someone else think and feel, too.  Writing requires using one's brain and the raw alphabet to create something from nothing.


I plan to keep at it until I can't remember the words.



(Your local bookstore can still order my in-print novels, or you can get out-of-print ones from a bookstore link on this page. If you e-mail me; I may have one I can sell you.)