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Who was Sylvia? and His Horror the Mayor are now available in large print; Amazon had some in stock the last time I looked.  Many novels remain out of print, unavailable except used. But I do have a few of most of my titles, which I'm willing to sell, so if you're interested, e-mail me, and I'll let you know what I have and what the price would be.

Private Lies is the first Maxey Burnell mystery, published by Harper, available at used bookstores or new from me. The cover is deceptive. Maxey and her apartment are not glamorous, and there's no scene where she lies on a (no doubt silk covered) bed listening to earphones. I hope you aren't disappointed by this.

Unsafe Keeping

Maxey's interest in saving an historic brothel from a condo developer leads to multiple murders.

The second Maxey Burnell mystery, available as a St. Martin's Press
Print On Demand trade paperback.
ISBN 0-312-29194-9

If Two of Them Are Dead

As Benjamin Franklin said, "Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead."
The third Maxey Burnell mystery, available as a St. Martin's Press trade paperback.
ISBN 0-312-30101-4

Who Was Sylvia?

Fourth in the Maxey Burnell series finds her living in interesting times. Called upon to release for burial a woman she doesn't know, intrigued by a futon fire in a store half a block from her apartment, suspicious that three accidental deaths might have been murders, and plagued by an admirer whose poems are a crime, Maxey still manages to put out weekly editions fo her alternative newspaper, The Blatant Regard.

But it's up to her business partner Scotty and her lover, Fire Marshall Calen Taylor, to sort the treats from the tricks the night Maxey tangles with undisguised death.

Death Kindly Stopped

Who would have thought a used book of poetry by Emily Dickinson could cause so much trouble for Boulder newspaper owner Maxey Burnell? Handwritten notes in the margins seem to threaten murder--but whose, where, when? Then there's the dead man in the back of a limousine in a city council candidate's driveway; that leads to Maxey being interrogated by her least-favorite cop. Meanwhile, her Blatant Regard co-owner Scotty wants to retire, and arranging for his replacement is murder--literally. Before it's all over, Maxey's not feeling too fit herself.

His Horror the Mayor

An amateur sleuth mystery introducing Tirzzy Quizenberry, retired high school teacher, who discovers a body and, though she doesn't know the victim, she immediately knows who the killer is.

Cupid's Ghost

San Diego policewoman Hannah Muir comes to her tenth high school reunion in Cupid, Kentucky, where she encounters a mystery (the disappearance of her best friend and stepmother, who happen to be the same young woman), and romance (the appearance of Wild Will Gillette, former nerd.)

The Seeds of Time

Delia Pitman has the ability, like Macbeth's witches, to "look into the seeds of time and say which grain will grow." A dance hall girl in the Colorado mining town of Mount Melissandra in the late 1800's, Delia wants to help Sheriff Doc stop the serial murders of painted ladies, one of them her mother.

One hundred years later, archeologist Annie Darrow comes to Melissandra, now a ghost town, to search for prehistoric artifacts with son Lee and hunky assistant Jake--and finds evidence of murders past and future.

Love At Second Sight--now available as an E-Book!

Originally an Editor's Choice Harlequin Temptation, Love at Second Sight brings together psychic Charlie Yost and pragmatist history professor Ross Davies. She's a birthday gift from his sister and has come to the Colorado Rockies to help him find a long-lost family treasure. He doesn't want to embrace her beliefs, but her body is a different matter . . . .